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Clutch Wear Adjustment Indicator 14"Flat Flywheel Cast Cover Clutch Pre Damp High Torque Disc - PDHT ™
Clutch Auto Interchangeable wearing parts with STD Angle. Spring Clutch  EZ N Lite® Clutch
330 Coil Spring Clutch RDC Kit for 3 Lever Clutch RDC 4 Lever Clutch 14"/15"
Co-axial, Paddle Discs
14" Manual Adjusting - Stamped Steel Cover Assembly OE Design
14" Manual Adjusting - Cast Cover Assembly - Cal Design

Clutch Auto Interchangeable wearing parts
with STD Angle. Spring Clutch

Extra Features

Universal Pressure Plate

To suit Hook Springs fittings (CAL) design as well as Bolt fitment (Eaton Pressed Cover Design)

Twin Adjusting Ring

Can be used for adjustment with a Gear Adjuster or even a Steel Strip/workshop tool in the field. (User friendly)

Bearing cage with inbuilt Stopper

Stopper rests on the cover face- No need of placing wooden blocks while removing clutch from flywheel or during transportation.

Bigger size Hardened & Tempered pads for better grip and minimum wear in use with Release Fork.

(US PATENT NO.- 6,619,458)

Driver Fatigue has been established as the major source of Highway Accidents, Clutch Auto has developed "Low Pedal Pressure" Pull Type Clutch for class 6,7,&8 Trucks 7 busses. Pedal Pressure is halved making it
EZ N LITE ® for the driver.

This design of Cover Assembly provides flexibility in varying the axial load and in turn the release load to any desired configuration. A Cradle, on which the Pressure Springs (Standard design in use) are mounted has a 'U' shaped configuration on its arms which swivels on the 'Pivotal Contact Surfaces' of two 'Arrow Head' Pins fitted into cover.

Other Ends of Pressure prings are mounted on Flat Seats with spherical Cavities which roll over "Round Head Push Pins" fitted in the release sleeve retainers, permitting the pressure springs move freely in either direction i.e. Free Axial Movement of the springs(as and when clutch is disengaged or wear takes place on the pressure plate or any other moving part) between the Cradle and retainer seats is achieved around the Pivot Point.

The swiveling mechanism helps in obtaining the desired point away from the spring seat on the swiveling end. The possibility of achieving the pivot point at such desired point away from the spring seat results in an increase in the shift in the angular position of the spring, consequently the release load is decreased and the pedal pressure is lowered.

Nett Result: Better Driving Comfort, so important, especially during Long Hauls.

  • 300lbs. Release Load for 4000 lb Plate Load
  • Clamp Loads Remains Constant (Almost no drops after wear)
  • All Parts except Cover & Retainer common with Wxisting Design (Easily Serviceable) e.g. Pressure Plate, adjusting Ring, Springs, Knife edge Levers, Release Sleeve Assembly etc

* Easy Pedal is the registered trade mark of Eaton Corp.

LITE is the registered trade mark of Mentor.


  • Self-Aligning Floating Clutch. - Release Sleeve Sub Assembly is subjected to significant forces & engine vibrations (Contributing to severe stresses) during engagement and disengagement/re lease of the clutch - leading to early wear of parts & even dislocation. Minimum Relative rotation between Release Sleeve sub Assembly and test of clutch mechanism helps extend service life of the Clutch.
  • Centralises all moving parts of the clutch.
  • Reduces Relative wear between mating sub assemblies.
  • Optimises clutch operation..
  • Retainer lugs mate with cover lugs, slide Coaxially - ensures concentric movement vis4vis Release Sleeve Assembly.
  • Flexibility provided between

3 -Retainer & Knife Edge Lever
Axial play- 0.047'7 1.7 mm
Radial play -0.071111.2 mm

4 -Knife Edge Lever & Adjusting Ring
Lateral play - 0.02'J 0.5 mm
• Axial Play - 0.1"/2.5 mm

I - Sleeve Bush & Drive Shaft
• Radial clearance - 0.02"- 0.027" 1
0.55-0.69 mm

2 - Release Sleeve & Retainer
• Axial Play - 0.03/0.8 mm
Radial Play - 0.06"/1.5mm

Cumulative Effect: Caters to Misalignment upto 0.6mm
/Relative Rotation upto 2°


Patent No 6, 619, 458 granted by USPTO to be issued on 16th Sep 2003.

EZ N LITE Trade Mark Registration No. dt. 8 Apr.2003 granted by USPTO.

Service Angle
Self Centering clutch

Interchangeable Components with Standard Angle Spring Clutch.
All parts except Cover & Retainer common with Existing Design (Easily Serviceable) e.g. Pressure Plate, adjusting Ring, Springs, Knife edge Levers, Release Sleeve Assembly etc.

Exclusive for EZ N LITE

1. Clutch Cover
2. Clutch Retainer
3. Cradle
4. Cover Pin
5. Retainer Pin
6. Pressure Spring Pivot

Common with Std. Angle Spring Clutch

1. Lever 8. Snap Ring
2. Pressure Spring 9. Snap Ring
3. Hook Spring 10. Ring Release Sleeve
4. Release Sleeve 11. Rivet
5.Release Bearing 12. Rivet
6. Spring Release Bearing 13. Bush Release Sleeve
7. Cover Release Bearing 14. Lube Fitting

Extra parts of pivot assembly include: cradle, Cover Pin, Retainer Pin & Pressure Spring Pivot.
Manual Gear Adjuster for periodic Clutch adjustments.

Class 6,7 &8 Truck & Busses

Additional Optional Features - Wear Adjustment Indicator