India’s No.1 Clutch
Your heavyweight champ
There’s no contest no competition
TATA 330
Hard Working

Nimitli Premium  Range Comprehensive Existing Range
Clutch Wear Adjustment Indicator 14"Flat Flywheel Cast Cover Clutch Pre Damp High Torque Disc - PDHT ™
Clutch Auto Interchangeable wearing parts with STD Angle. Spring Clutch  EZ N Lite® Clutch
330 Coil Spring Clutch RDC Kit for 3 Lever Clutch RDC 4 Lever Clutch 14"/15"
Co-axial, ¾ Paddle Discs
14" Manual Adjusting - Stamped Steel Cover Assembly OE Design
14" Manual Adjusting - Cast Cover Assembly - Cal Design

RDC Kit for 3 Lever Clutch
Heavier Back Plate- Better Heat Sink Capability
Chrome Silicon Springs- High Fatigue Life
Lever Pin guided on rollers- Reduced friction
Ceramic Disc- Extended Life.

RDC 4 Lever Clutch 14"/15"
4 Levers
Rigid Cover
Heavier Back Plate
Chrome Silicon Springs
Levers/Pins on Rollers
Organic/Ceramic Discs

Co-axial, ¾ Paddle Discs
Free Travel – Coaxial
Snug Fitted Chrome Vanadium High Fatigue
Ceramic Pads
Reinforced Spring Windows
Induction Hardened Hubs
Long Life Disc


330 Coil Ceramic
Interchangeable with 310 clutch- to both TC
    & 697 Engines’
      Same Flywheel
      Same Clutch Housing
      Same setting Height
      Same Linkage

16 springs – Uniform Spring Pressure
Ceramic Buttons – more torque capacity
Low wear – Long Life


330 Diaphragm Organic
Interchangeable with 310 TC Clutch
         - Same Mounting/Flywheel/Housing & Linkage
Cast Cover
More friction area
Woven Clutch Facings
High Torque Matching Disc & Cover Assembly

3 Paddle Cerametallic Disc Assembly

Strong Core- Damper Springs are entrapped
     between catchers to restrict flight of springs
     due to centrifugal force and to avoid biting of Disc
     body parts and retainer plates
Low wear Ceramic Buttons
High Torque Disc
Low Inertia to match
 TC Engine requirements



330 Coil Spring Clutch
Interchangeable as complete clutch with 310 dia clutch
Rugged design Cast Iron Cover
Cover louvers keep the clutch cool
Wider neck levers – More wearing area
Higher Torque carrying capacity
Release load at par with 310 dia clutch
Chrome Silicon Pressure Springs for better fatigue life
   - Longer Clutch Life
Toughened yoke to withstand shock loads
Balanced as per OEM approved limits
Easily repairable